The Farmer's Dilemma

A farmer walks up to you.

“Aye, I heard yer here to solve puzzles? I was hoping ye could help me out with a bit of a situation here. Ye see, I’m trying to move me farm across the river, but I only have this wee boat, and I can’t leave me goats with me cabbages, and I’ve also collected a fair number o’ wolves--don’t ask me how that happened--and it’s common knowledge ye can’t leave yer ducks with yer potatoes, and I’ve got… one, two… this is going to take awhile… Can ye start counting the others?”

How can the farmer solve his problem?

View the puzzle as a pdf.

View the puzzle as a black-and-white pdf.

(Note that the puzzle may be harder if you use the black & white file. Identifying the objects is not necessary.)