Hints: The Farmer's Dilemma

What "counts":
Ace of clubs does not count as ace of spades. The faded out ace of spades on the orange tile also does not count. Flipped items count as the item.
Stuck on fish and frogs logic puzzle
  • All fish and frogs pieces with orange form the bottom edge of the puzzle.
  • The rock lobster appears on the right border of the puzzle.
  • Not all lines are oriented the same way.
  • The underlined pumpkin is oriented upright, with the underline closest to the bottom edge of the puzzle.
Stuck on extraction:
  • Make sure to look closely to ensure the fish and frogs part of the puzzle is assembled exactly correctly.
  • The blanks should be filled in with numbers.
  • The black lines on the orange squares suggest how to orient the numbers.