Errata / Updates

At 10:15am EDT on Saturday March 16th, the letters in the Kurodoko in Something Is Off were changed.
At 12:32pm EDT on Sunday March 17th, the answer options in question 6 of Holistic were changed.
At 6:00pm EDT on Monday March 18th, we released several hints for The Meta Puzzle. You can see these on the puzzle page and use them without spending any advicebergs.
At 9:21pm EDT on Wednesday March 20th, an issue with Peaches was fixed that occasionally caused clicking on a question mark to do nothing.
At 10:45am EDT on Thursday March 21st, the date of the above erratum was corrected from Sunday to Wednesday. This erratum is not a puzzle.
At 10:45am EDT on Thursday March 21st, the behavior of the safe in Unsafe was changed.
At 4:05pm EDT on Thursday March 21st, the answer options in question 12 of Holistic were changed.
At 1:15am EDT on Sunday March 24th, the behavior of some of the player's clothing in Unsafe was changed.

At 6:15pm EDT on Wednesday, March 20, the following announcement was made:

Dear Antarctic Excavators,

 A new kind of iceberg is approaching! Our scientists have tentatively named them "answerbergs". These new bergs seem even more powerful than the advicebergs we've been dealing with up to now: exploring an answerberg should give us the entire answer to problems we've been dealing with!

 Five total answerbergs will be arriving for each team: the first tomorrow, on Thursday at 6:28 pm EDT, two on Friday at 6:28 pm, and two on Saturday at 6:28 pm. Each answerberg can be used to give you the answer to any one puzzle. Answerbergs cannot be used on metapuzzles. Puzzles solved using answerbergs will still help unlock new puzzles, metapuzzles, and artifacts like before, but will not count toward your solve count on the leaderboard. Answerbergs will not be given to teams which register after 6:00 pm today.

 Two advicebergs will continue to arrive each day at 6:28 pm EDT as well. These are distinct from answerbergs and can be used on any puzzle, including metapuzzles, to help get you unstuck. Neither advicebergs nor answerbergs will ever melt: you can store more than two at once.

 We hope these will help you unlock and solve the metapuzzles, and figure out the mystery of all the artifacts!
 Galactic TRENDSETTERS Command