Hints: The Galactic Conference

Getting started:
The meta answers are relevant for solving this puzzle.
Further and more specific help:
  • The Scales artifact (as well as the dialogue with the bells in-game) indicates that you cannot make a color superlative in this language. This should help with assigning answers to players.
  • LARYNGITIS hints at devoicing all consonants that can be devoiced, and the Artists meta tells you how each letter is pronounced. Some of the trickier things include: 1) when devoiced, J goes to Q, and 2) In English, “G” gets devoiced to “K”, but in Puflantu “G” is pronounced as “ng” and thus will not be affected by the transformation.
  • HENWPEX->AMWPEX (In various places throughout the language the prefix “hen” indicates some notion of “inside” or “early”. There is another prefix that means the opposite (see the Urn artifact for one example).)
  • ‘ORAR->’OZAZ (‘ORAR is the imperative of SLOW DOWN, so ‘OZAZ should be the imperative of speed up).