Hints: The Animal Trainers

Getting Started:
This puzzle involves a reference to Pokémon.
Help with how the language relates to this puzzle:
On the Collage artifact, full is translated to “ombu” in “full house”, but it is translated to “otombu” in “full moon”. This kind of phenomenon appears throughout the language (e.g. “red” is translated as “pamono” in some places but “pamrono” in others, another example is how “mixture” is sometimes translated as “realoda” and sometimes as “reraloda” in Greasy Booklet). Figuring out how this phenomenon works is important to solving this meta.
Stuck on extraction:
The translated adjectives should all be 8 letters long. The “not very effective” part of the flavortext clues at both the ordering and the final extraction (you need to use some Pokémon knowledge for this step).