Road Trip

See enclosed my favorite excerpts from my journal of this most excellent trip.
On the next leg of our journey, we visited a city that has had a rural postal route since before 1900. While there, we met a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright.
Today, we went to a city named for a desert phenomenon. We had some drinks in large cans.
On our way to a major city on a lake, we drove past the White House.
Today, in a city where a well-known athletic apparel company was born, we played a classic video game.
Today we rafted down a river passing through a big canyon. After that, we went to a city whose name is the surname of a Harry Potter character.
Today we visited a city named for a former president. While there, we saw a performance by an R&B band. They were pretty excellent!
Today we met an archaeologist in a city founded in 1821.
We saw an artist painting some flowers today in a city sharing its name with a point in physics.
Today we visited a city that was ranked as one of the top 5 Best Places to be a Kid on Christmas. We saw a folk music performance by a musician born in 1935. Can you believe it?!
Today we visited a suburb that shared a word with the major city it is near. They were putting on a musical!
We arrived today in a historic coal mining suburb of a major city. While there, we read a short story about a person who fell asleep. The story made me sleepy but the author was a very interesting fellow. Over the course of this journey, we saw a lot of amazing things, but nothing quite as impressive as something we encountered at the very beginning, before we started our trip – can you guess what it is?
Today, we met a British writer in a big city whose flag has a yellow stripe.
We read about an important land acquisition in US history today in a small city with 5 vowels and 4 consonants. I'm still not quite sure how to pronounce it.
Today we visited a city of population ~60k. We saw a horse race!
It took but a split second to get to the first stop on our journey in a city with a minor league baseball team that has existed for over 90 years.
We had some rather thick garlic bread today when we visited an alliterative city named after a geologic formation.
Today we had a drink containing Amaretto in the county seat of Dallas County.
We picked up some delicious chocolatey desserts on our way to visit the birthplace of my favorite musician - I’m really excited to see this place and I hope it’s as cool as these desserts were good!
We had some delicious sushi today in a city 60 miles west of a very large city.