A Crossword

1. Face of rock gem, e.g.

1. Fabric bluffing as animal

2. O’Brien on night TV

3. Gave a foot bounces to keep the beat

4. E.g. assassins who snipe if u pay them

4. Evening shout to your spouse as a “greetings”

5. Solo’s son

6. Spinning recital?

7. Used for GPS & phones, with “frequency”

8. Man, what Hercules cleaned!

9. Long winner of Jeopardy!: a Seattlan (has blog).

10. Grp. at IAH

11. A game of very intense play on draft day, and lotsa viewing TDs

12. They can make it! Sea voyages, USA to e.g. Europe

13. Like, accrue a heap

14. Radioactive veggies’ sharp chroma

15. Use to remember outset ltrs. of word

16. U.K. beverage with bubble and citrus

17. What you term a total lunar eclipse

17. Waiting place for big cars

18. A sneeze you’d hear

19. Resists against; disputes

20. Pleasing travel - going to some lovely or noble spot w/ a camera

21. Go NE & be in Orlando

22. Water goes in Bonn

23. Raise ___ bar

24. Newton, Archimedes, Riemann or Euler’s field

25. Root four

26. Shapes having two plus three angle

27. So, heaven gardens!