Hints: Unsafe

Getting Started:
Almost everything in the story has a purpose - try figuring out what that purpose is, and don’t be afraid to do anything unsafe! Also, it never hurts to “examine” anything and everything you run across.
Further hints:
You’ve wandered around the world a bunch - some of the things are rather unsafe. Maybe you need to interact more with them. In particular, you might try using the spaceship.
I’ve died a few ways, but not sure what to do:
What do these ways to die have in common? You should be able to find more of them if you interact with the objects in the story.
I still don’t know what the theme is:
You might find some hints for what this puzzle is about by going to the train station, or listening to the ipod.
I know the theme but I’m not sure how to do some of them:
Some useful items include the bucket in the shed and the fish in the fridge.
Stuck on extraction:
The game tells you that the minimum number for each ending is important, but the game also tells you what the minimum number is. Probably you still need to figure out how to get the minimum number for some reason. Also, the thing you’re trying to do right now is extraction - is there anything in the world that could help you with that?