Hints: The Last Databender

Stuck on first step:
Look at the six rectangles in the middle of the image. You should be able to make out a word or two on the lower left corner of each. Is there a way to cancel out the noise over these six rectangles?
Stuck on second step:
  • The same clue is played four times, though at different speed (one of them is even negative!) Use the same technique as the first step to help you reduce the noise.
  • You may want to look at Destructive Interference from last year’s GPH.
  • You do not have to match perfectly exactly, though the closer you can get the better.
Stuck on the third step:
  • If you cannot extract the file, make sure that you export in the same way you imported the audio.
  • The folder structures look like some paths between letters. You may want to combine them into a single long path so that the ends match.
Stuck on the fourth step:
There should be 10 lines to be combined as ASCII art. The two lines with underscores only should be on the first and sixth line.
Stuck on extraction:
Make sure that you have all four answers. We are working mod 26 here, but the letter A should still be the smallest number instead of Z.