Hints: Race for the Galaxy

Figuring out what to do for each puzzle:

The puzzles, in order, are:

  • Common encodings, such as Braille
  • Anagrams
  • Dropquote
  • Cryptogram
  • Word Search
  • Celebrity Identification
  • Spot the Difference
  • Word Square
  • Multiple Choice Logic
  • Cryptogram Word Search
  • Metapuzzle
Solving the puzzles more quickly:

Some tools and/or tips for each puzzle type:

  • Common encodings: The encodings are Braille, Morse code, Pigpen, or Semaphore.
  • Anagrams: Tools like the internet anagram server or nutrimatic can be useful.
  • Dropquote: Regular expression solvers can be helpful. Over time the “answer phrases” like GREAT WORK should become more familiar.
  • Cryptogram: Quipqiup can be useful.
  • Word Search: Online word search solvers like dcode.fr can be helpful.
  • Celebrity Identification: Reverse image search is helpful for those less familiar with celebrities.
  • Spot the Difference: Parallelizing with multiple people can be helpful.
  • Word Square: Regular expressions tools can be helpful here too.
  • Multiple Choice Logic: Parallelizing with multiple people is helpful here.
  • Cryptogram Word Search: Starting with long words with repeated letters is a good way to break in.
  • Metapuzzle: These are all simple word operations such as diagonalization.