Hints: Phone Lines

Getting started:
This puzzle is all about “phones”: that is, the sounds that make up a word. You don't need to worry about how any word is spelled—you only need to care about what it sounds like. Each of the three rows is a separate phonetics-based minipuzzle, and what the voice says before listing out the words is a hint as to how the minipuzzle works.
Minipuzzle 1:
The sounds seem to have been blended up a bit. Each premium blend has exactly two additives compared to its corresponding standard blend.
Minipuzzle 2:
Each base package can be upgraded by removing something from inside the package, and replacing that thing with a premium upgrade.
Minipuzzle 3:
Each one of the second items begins how one of the first items ends. A connection has been dropped -- can you repair the connection?
TORUS -> TRUSS and TORUS -> TORAH is an unfortunate ambiguity, but any other transformation of TORUS is wrong. TRUSS vs TORAH can be disambiguated by the final six phoneme word.