Hints: Peaches

Specific Rules:
  • Bowser: Delete all instances of the alphabetically-first character.
  • Shy Guy: Switch all Rs to Ls and vice versa.
  • Bullet Bill: Changes the first character.
  • Boo: All vowels get replaced with the vowel before them followed by the vowel after them.
  • Wiggler: Changes the chosen character to the character after it followed by the character before it.
  • Piranha Plant: Switches the two halves of the word, and adds a space in between.
  • Blooper: Adds the chosen character after the first character and before the last character.
  • Lakitu: Moves the chosen suffix to the beginning of the word.
General advice:
It’s easiest to work backwards from the target phrase toward the starting ingredient. If the target phrase is much longer than the starting ingredient, Blooper (the squid)’s ability is the most useful way to insert letters that appear in the final phrase name that aren’t in the original word. Except for the last level (Tights-Crazy Eight), in which case Wiggler (the caterpillar)’s ability is the most useful.
Stuck on extraction:
  • Stare at the cake on the level select screen.
  • You’re trying to USE EACH POWER ONCE to get from the puzzle answer to GORGEOUS CAKE.
  • Have you used the image of Peach setting a letter on fire? (It’s an F).
  • Bullet (the black haired girl) changed a letter from S to something else when making the cake.