Hints: Image Search

Getting started:
Upon asking each judge for advice, they will give a clue that hints at an object that they are “thinking of”, which will be necessary in order to please them.
Artist/Image Identification Clues:
  • 1: A French-American painter associated with Cubism.
  • 2: Perhaps the most famous Japanese art piece.
  • 3: An Austrian symbolist painter.
  • 4: A Spanish painter active in the 20th century.
  • 5: The original painting is a figure on a mountain.
  • 6: I hope you were paying attention around 2008 for this one.
  • 7: The artist is associated with Fauvism.
  • 8: The artist is known for his impossible objects.
  • 9: The artist is also associated with Fauvism.
  • 10: 20th century abstract artist
  • 11: Norwegian artist.
  • 12: American artist associated with advertising.
  • 13: The artist is a post-impressionist figure.
  • 14: An American pop artist.
Upon submitting an image that pleases at least two judges, their comment will give a star rating, which clues a length (of the artist’s name), and an index.