Hints: An Erratic Puzzle

Working through the errata:
The first part of this puzzle consists of reconstructing the original grid going backwards through the errata. Some of the steps are straightforward, but here are some hints for working through some of the more difficult ones:
  • For erratum #18, erratum #11 tells you the position of COMES at that point in time.
  • Erratum #17 mandates a rather strong condition on the word SHINS, look at erratum #13 to help you figure out where it was.
  • While errata #15 and #16 undo each other, they do change the words on the first two rows. This can help with determining where SHINS was.
  • For erratum #11, the word that might be given at a university is TEST.
Stuck on extraction:
The grid as presented in the puzzle gives the answer RED HERRING. Try changing letters in the grid to make new words. The extracted letters are read left to right, top to bottom. The same method is then applied to the “original” grid (ie. before the errata) to give the actual answer.