Solution: Reunited
Answer: WIENER

Written by Colin Lu

As hinted by the styling of the two separated sets of clues and the title, the answers to the clues need to be paired up in some way.

As the solver answers some of the clues, they'll start to see that the answers from the right side clues contain the answers to the left side clues as substrings.

In each case there are at least two letters on either side of the substring word, which can help with pairing them up. Furthermore, the enumerations of the words on the right side are given.

There is only one way to pair up all of the words in this way. The left side words are sorted alphabetically, while the words on the right are not, which suggests that we should use the ordering given by the right side. The numbers given with the words on the left side are in many cases longer than the left side words, which suggests that we should use them to index into the right side words:

Left clueRight clueLeft wordRight wordIndexLetter to extract
__zoneTender or romantic emotionTIMESENTIMENT6M
CompleteCountry in Southeast AsiaDONEINDONESIA6E
Unit of speedBenjaminsKNOTBANKNOTES6O
SadSomeone with a lot of propertyDOWNLANDOWNER6W
Longer than a yardSettings of many horror movie scenesMETERCEMETERIES5T
MOBA game developerNational prideRIOTPATRIOTISM5I
Most frequentType of art or architectureMODEPOSTMODERN5M
Word classCommonly referred toVERBPROVERBIAL5E
Technical standard or skirtWater intaking machine that eases dry skinMIDIHUMIDIFIER5D
UndecoratedMysterious, despite investigationPLAINUNEXPLAINED3E
Sage, for instanceComputer componentHERBMOTHERBOARD3T
Spanish greetingEducational grantHOLASCHOLARSHIP3H
Fraction of an SI base unitScripting or brainwashingGRAMPROGRAMMING3O
__ legendCommotionURBANDISTURBANCE3S
Prescription unitA narrow tubePILLCAPILLARY4I
International allianceOriental area of a cityNATOCHINATOWN4N
State also known as "the zone"Famous ship of the PilgrimsFLOWMAYFLOWER4F
Part in a movieType of jelly or oilROLEPETROLEUM4R
Helpful device for shoppingFamous BeatleCARTMCCARTNEY4A
Review symbolProduct used to make non-Newtonian fluidSTARCORNSTARCH5S
Nice way to describe something small?Contest participantPETITCOMPETITOR5E
Opposite of darkPleasing or charmingLIGHTDELIGHTFUL5G
Give upOmnipresentQUITUBIQUITOUS5U
University periodWealthfront alternativeTERMBETTERMENT5E
Currency denomination smaller than a dollarDelta accumulationsDIMESEDIMENTS1S
All according to __Clear, level space, often by the seasidePLANESPLANADE1E
Temporary accomodationConcern of HR departmentsTENTRETENTION1R
Test versionUnspeakable villainDEMOVOLDEMORT1V
Pirate's storage containerLarge musical groupCHESTORCHESTRA1O

Solvers will also notice that for each uninterrupted string of right side clues with the same enumeration, the corresponding words from the left side clues have the same index, which further helps with matching them up.

Reading the extracted letters gives the words MEOW, TIMED, ETHOS, INFRA, SEGUE, and SERVO, with the changes in enumeration length also cluing the word boundaries.

At this point, solvers may notice that all of these words fit into a longer word in the same way as in the first step of the puzzle, with the enumeration given by the shared enumeration of the right clue answers. While there are no clues for the longer words this time, the container words are all common words, and all of them are the only possible containing words.

The left clue answers giving each of the words above also all have the same index number, so we use this number again, once again to index into the longer words:

WordContainerIndexWord lengthLetter to extract

This gives the answer, WIENER.

Author’s Notes

This puzzle was inspired by noticing some of these crazy pairs of words with no etymological connection, one of which contains the other as a substring. Perhaps the most famous of these is the pair (MEOW, HOMEOWNER), which was used deliberately here to help clue solvers in to the last step. Of course, it turns out there are a large number of such pairs, as I discovered while doing research for this puzzle. The best of these were saved for the last step.

The title somewhat clues what to do in the puzzle, while also being a "container word" itself, containing UNIT, which can be thought of as a synonym for WORD.