Solution: Courage and Purity
Answer: LIQUOR

Written by Ivan Koswara

This puzzle is about words that are spelled identically in two different languages, English and Indonesian, while having vastly different meanings. Such words are also known as "false friends", although the pairs used in this puzzle are even more restrictive as their spellings must be identical and not just similar.

The right-side clues are given in Indonesian. Thus solvers are meant to solve the clues, and then translate their answers to the other language; doing this will reveal that a lot of the words match. After realizing that the set of answers are identical (at least in spelling), solvers can pin down the more ambiguous clues. Also, the right-side clues have answers in alphabetical order.

English cluesEnglish answerIndonesian translation
take part in a gameplaymain
give knowledge toteachajar
period of 3pm to sunsetafternoonsore
coating for wallpaintcat
piece of cleaning fabricclothlap
take something forcefullyseizerebut
living naturallywildliar
it fetches water from a wellbucketember
covering for wheeltireban
device to measure timeclockjam
part of poem made of several linesstanzabait
melted icewaterair
Indonesian clues Indonesian answer English translation
gas yang dihirup saat bernapas
gas inhaled when breathing
udara air
tidak sepenuhnya tertutup
not entirely closed
terbuka ajar
makanan untuk memikat binatang
food to attract animals
umpan bait
hal yang tidak boleh dilakukan
something that may not be done
larangan ban
binatang terkenal sebagai musuh anjing
animal known as dog's enemy
kucing cat
batu bara yang bercahaya dan apinya baru padam
coal that is lit and its fire has just gone out
bara ember
rebusan bebuahan dan gula
mix of boiled fruits and sugar
selai jam
tempat antara pangkal paha dan lutut
place between groin and knees
pangkuan lap
orang yang tidak jujur
dishonest person
pembohong liar
lebih penting dari yang lain
more important than anything else
utama main
sangkal dengan bukti atau argumen
deny with evidence or argument
bantah rebut
kaku seperti otot setelah berolahraga
stiff like a muscle after exercising
pegal sore

Since the set of answers are identical, it's natural to pair up answers. This gives a pairing between a left-side number and a right-side number. This is for extraction: from the common (translated) answer, index with the left-side number and shift it by the right-side number.

Common answerLeft-side indexRight-side shiftExtracted letter

This spells out MINUMAN KERAS, which is the final clue phrase given in Indonesian. Translating this to English gives LIQUOR, the final answer. (The answer is 6 letters as clued by the blanks at the end; this rules out ALCOHOL, BOOZE, and such.)

Author’s Notes

The title, "Courage and Purity", simply describes the meanings of the flag colors of Indonesia (red and white), which are also the colors used for the two halves of the puzzle itself.

The translated answers are the base form of the Indonesian words. For some reason, when using Google Translate from English to Indonesian, translating verbs lead to the form that have the me- prefix; for example, translating "teach" leads to "mengajar" instead of "ajar". You can either take a "close enough" match, or you can learn a bit about Indonesian language to know that this is just a prefix and so can be ignored. (After all, the translated form of "seize" is "rebut" instead of "rebuts", "rebutting", or anything like that.)

Yes, in Indonesia "afternoon" ("sore") starts from around 3pm. The period 11am-3pm has a different name, "siang" (roughly translates to "noon").